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Men's Ministry

A strong foundation is absolutely essential in the construction of any building if it is to stand, be enjoyed, and endure.  No one understands that better than the Master-Builder, Jesus Christ.  That's why He said, "Therefore whoever hears these sayings of Mine, and does them, I will liken him to a wise man who built his house on the rock" (Matthew 7:24).

Truly wise men believe the importance of making faith in Jesus and obedience to His teaching the strong foundation on which to build their lives.  Our goal is to teach these essential life-building truths from God's Word to men who want to be godly leaders at home, church, work, and in the community.

Be involved!  Take advantage of the great opportunities for spiritual training and fellowship through our Men of 7:24 ministries.

Men of 7:24 are actively involved in leadership, teaching, counseling, ministering to youth, etc.  Click on the "Events" tab to find out what's coming in our men's ministry.  Call 419-339-7501 for more info.

Men's Breakfast - Year-round the Men of 7:24 meet for a prayer b'fast at 7:30 AM on the 2nd Saturday over each month.  A hearty breakfast, brief Bible study and prayer and enjoyed by all.  Guests are always welcome.

Men's Prayer Night - All men are invited to the prayer meetings held at 7:24 PM on the 4th Thursday of each month during the school year. The location of the gathering is published in the church bulletin each month (you can volunteer to host in your home).

Annual Weekend Retreat - The Skyview Ranch men's retreat is one gian weekend of many food, manly fun and manly preaching.  There's something for everyone, from trapshooting to paintball, and from horseback riding in beautiful country trails to golf or fishing for 24" bass.  But the greatest part of the weekend is when we engage in meaningful worship and preaching each morning and evening.  For more information, go to

Annual Men's Conference - We attend the Men of God 1-day conference on the 1st Saturday of March at Calvary Baptist Church in Bellefontaine, OH.  For more info, go to htttp://

Father's Day Outdoor Worship and Cookout - Everything is moved outdoors on Father's Day.  The morning worship service is moved from the indoor sanctuary to the shade outside on the front lawn.  To show honor and appreciation, every father receives a gift and then enjoys an excellent grilled dinner.  Afterwards, everyone is welcome to pitch in with making final setup preparations for the annual VBS ministry week to children.

Pastor Cooper
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